Planair Ceiling

Each modular operation theatre has planair Ceiling in Operation Room. Plainair Ceiling is constructed out of 2mm thick extruded aluminum sheet of size 2400 x 2400mm having 6 nos of hepa filters. The hepa filters have dust spot efficiency of 99.99% 0.3 micron. Air and light diffuser made out of two layer of mono filament precision woven polyester for the planair ceiling to give a "LAMINAR FLOW" of filtered air. It also provides a diffused

Shadow-less lighting system with a control on the intensity of luminance by using high frequency electronic
fluorescent tubes and Ballasts. All ceiling includes integral lighting and composite air/light diffuser. Air is diffused
into the theatre uniformly over the total area. The Laminar flow ceiling also has illumination across its total area.
Integral lighting provides an illumination level in excess of 1500-lux at the wound site and electronic step-less
dimming down to 3%, without flicker.

 Aluminum Construction
 99.99%, 0.3% micron filtration
 Shadow-less lighting system