Anti Bacterial Paint and Anti Static Conductive

Flooring in each operation rooms seamless with perfectly curved flash covings, resistance to mechanical stress and dynamic loads and having ESD / EMI (conductive) protection characteristics, 2mm thick, washable vinyl. Flooring is to be laid on self leveling compound with thickness ranging from 1mm to 3mm. it has anti – bacterial and fungicidal properties. Flooring is a staticconductive, flexible homogeneous vinyl floor covering with an electrical resistance of 5 x 10 4 (EN 1081) available in tiles. The conductive carbon coated PVC pellets create the permanent static – conductive properties.


  • Vinyl flooring 2mm thick
  • Static conductive properties


Bacterial Paint
  • Water based non-reflective
  • liquid plastic paint
  • Does not support bacteriological/fungal growth
  • Easy maintenance