Pre-Fabricated Operating Rooms

At HISPL we supply and install modular pre-fabricated operating rooms to suit a wide range of surgeries and applications. These rooms are constructed out of modular free standing wall and ceiling panels which connect together through cam locks thus eliminating the process of welding. The operating rooms have all the basic facilities and can be upgraded to intelligent rooms as per customer requirements. Further, the operating rooms offer a high degree of sterility and free floor space for easy working. All necessary operating equipment is placed on ceiling mounted pendants which also provide gas and electrical outlets.

Modular Operating Theatres & ICUs, CCUs, NICUs, PICUs

Our modular / laminar flow operating theatres are engineered to meet International standards with your specific requirements and health care needs. HISPL's purified HVAC system design with Laminar Air Flow ensures sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization. We not only design state-of the- art Modular Operating Theatres & ICUs but also manufacture and install on turnkey basis.

Planning / Designing/Installation /Commissioning Under One Roof

Designing and integration of purified HVAC system is the integral part of building modular operating theatres. Our qualified engineers integrate purified HVAC system with laminar air flow according to civil structure layout plan to ensure sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization of clean areas of hospital. Operating theatre and affiliated surrounding areas like pre-operative areas, post operative patients holding area, clean corridors, ICUs etc play important role in making or breaking the reputation of a hospital because life saving and life improving activities are carried out in these areas.

To ensure sterile environment throughout operating theatres and affiliated areas, we classify each area into different clean class zones. Every zone categorizes itself though different level of clean class ranging from clean class 100,000 to clean class 100. Similarly, operating theatres of each department like General Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Transplant, Orthopedic, Laparoscopic, Ophthalmic, OB-GYN surgery etc are differentiated into different clean class ranging from clean class 100 to 10,000

. Our complete solutions of broadcasting, background music, CCTV cameras and inbuilt camera on shadow-less lights for recording and teaching purpose makes our modular operating theatres most modern, high-tech and state of art.