Started in 2012 while HISPL is a new company, we bring together 100+ project experiences in construction & maintanance of modular OT's & ICU's.

HISPL is promoted by Mr. C.M. Puri who is a veteran in this industry and has 12+ years of experience in this field. At HISPL we understand that the building needs of healthcare professionals are not only unique but are also more rigorous & challenging then other building applications.

Our service delivery methodology is customer focused and ensures not only high level execution but also allows us to meet string time lines. Even with relatively simple administrative space, understanding the needs unique to healthcare professionals is the difference between meeting your needs and just providing a building.

As a philosophy we recognize the importance of working in partnership with our clients to balance functionality & asthetics with cost efficiency & value.

In order to ensure seamless delivery we have gathered a team of IIT Engineers, P(hd) Doctors, Project engineers, Chartered Accountants &  a host of domain specialists to meet your specific needs.

In an endeavour to provide best in class services to our clients, we focus on knowledge and ensure that our methodologies and techniques are up to date with ever changing technological environment and advancements.
Management Team